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Interested in our new program?  Read below to find out more information.  Then click the button below to see if you qualify.

Jordan’s innovative new program is nothing short of a revolution in the real estate industry.  Selling your current home and buying a new one can be a terrifying ordeal.  Which do you do first, sell or buy?  How do you coordinate the move?  The financing?  What if the buyers don’t follow through with the home you’re selling, what happens then? Jordan’s vast experience with these types of transactions takes the guesswork out and makes it easy and smooth.  And now…..he’s making it much more affordable.


Use Jordan to buy your new home, and he’ll list your old home for FREE! I can hear your wheels spinning.  “But how can he list my home for FREE?  Sounds too good to be true.” Let me explain.  Traditionally, in the real estate business, a real estate agent would list your home and charge you somewhere in the neighborhood of 6%.  Half of that would go to your listing agent, and half would go to the agent of the person who buys the home.  And then, when you go buy your new home, your agent would collect another 3% or so from the seller of your new home.  Big day for them, and a typical transaction of this sort could see them bringing home $10,000, $12,000 or even $20,000 in a single day. My new program BUY WITH ME, LIST FOR FREE will rebate back to you the listing commission portion of the sale of your new home, as long as you work with Jordan as your agent on the purchase of your new home.


If this sounds confusing, just understand this – you’re going to have A LOT more money to work with to purchase your new home.  A typical town-home in my market may go for $200,000.   You would be saving $6,000 dollars, or even more – real money, that you really would have to pay with any other agent.  You’ll still get the same great service Jordan has built his reputation on, the same wealth of knowledge that all his clients have come to expect, but you’ll be doing it with a LOT of extra money in your pocket.

Moving can be expensive and it can be nerve wracking, but it doesn’t have to be anymore.  BUY WITH ME, LIST FOR FREE



Disclaimers :

BUY WITH ME, LIST FOR FREE requires both a valid listing agreement, and a signed buyers agreement. Agent reserves the right to cancel the program at any time, and without any notice.  All agreements previously signed, however, will be honored.  In the event that the current home is sold first, and the new home has not yet settled, agent reserves the right to collect an agreed upon commission at the close of the current home, and rebate it back to buyers as a credit at the time of closing on the new home.   Offer is good for primary residences only, no investors or second homes.  All transactions include a $325 administrative fee to Re/Max Solutions. Residential resales only.  Minimum total compensation - $5,000.  Other restrictions may apply.